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You're flying above the surface of the ocean, the ground is shaking, ripples form in the waves, flecks of water hit your skin, a loud hollow sound reaches your ears, the vibration intensifying and seeping into your brain, your ears are bleeding your eyeballs wobble like jelly in your head, your skin peels back from your forehead, the water now pulsing constantly into your face, each breath fills your mouth half with water, it covers your lungs, the horizon glows orange and then black, the sky turning to hellfire, your senses overwhelmed by intense vibrations that reach your bones, your only thought now of your soul propelling through the air faster and faster, the sound throughout you now high-pitched and screaming, almost to the point of silence, you know only that you are who you are but not where you are. The vibrations stop. The sky peels back to pale blue. The ocean calms. Your eye sockets empty. Your mouth torn open from force. You feel awake. Alert. Whole. You are reborn.
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Be You
There once was a rock, who sat at the edge of a forest. Each day he would look up with envy towards the trees and wish he was as tall as them. “Why am I so small? Why can’t I reach for the sky like they are?” One night the little rock was crying. It was stormy, and the winds were blowing hard, the rain driving down.
Mid-sob, the little rock heard a loud CRACK. And all of a sudden a tree crashed down right next to him. The tree was screaming and crying in pain, for his strong trunk had snapped in half. The little rock tried to comfort the tree. “You’ll be okay. It’s not that bad.” But as the weeks past, the tree grew weaker and more fragile, until eventually it died. And the little rock no longer looked up at the trees in envy. Because his spot on the edge of the forest way down on the ground meant he was safe and sound.
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Battle of One
There was a boy
who saw a doctor
standing at the station.
He asked the doctor
for a moment
for a second
of his patience.
The doctor asked
Yes my boy
how may I assist?
The boy replied
I have depression
please sir is there a fix?
The doctor answered
Alas young lad
why don’t you try
to smile?
The boy shook his head
his frown grew deeper
How I’ve tried
for quite a while.
The doctor laughed
and escaped
and suggested no medication;
for the remedy
he believed
was a stitch
one here
one there
a permanent dedication.
The boy agreed
and carefully warned
there was no going back.
One here
one there
the boy was cured
no need to cut him slack!
With a smile shining
for all to see
but only on the surface.
For inside
what was to hide
the torment
and the curses.
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Opening Chapter - No Title
They finally catch up to her in a dead-end alley. Dust kicked up in the street from the stampede of sneering children makes their arrival even more dramatic as they round the corner. They're making jokes with each other, pointing at her and calling out vulgar names as they come to a hault. Her heart is racing, lungs stinging as she frantically looks for an escape. The pack gathers and then spreads out across the alleyway, all of them panting from the chase. Whatever hope she had before now sinks to her feet. She falls to her knees, tears well in her one beautiful eye. The children snicker and taunt her as they close in. Her hands rise to cover her face, and she goes numb as the first blows from their feet smash into her body.
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Vibe by c-r-4-f-t Vibe :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 2 0 Xperia  by c-r-4-f-t Xperia :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 3 5 Bet You Wish You'd Stayed At Home by c-r-4-f-t Bet You Wish You'd Stayed At Home :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 4 0 Soul Me by c-r-4-f-t Soul Me :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 1 1 Banshee Queen by c-r-4-f-t Banshee Queen :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 1 0 I'll Do It Myself by c-r-4-f-t I'll Do It Myself :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 3 0 QUIET2 - MGS:V by c-r-4-f-t QUIET2 - MGS:V :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 6 2 Innsbruck Station by c-r-4-f-t Innsbruck Station :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 0 0 Parisian Skyline by c-r-4-f-t Parisian Skyline :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 1 0 The Louvre: Stone Head of Easter Island by c-r-4-f-t The Louvre: Stone Head of Easter Island :iconc-r-4-f-t:c-r-4-f-t 0 0
'I'm not really from anywhere, do you understand?'
Good morning friends,

I'm excited for Christmas and will soon be able to make gingerbread cookies and whip out the tiny Christmas tree mum gifted us. Since it's out first year out of home and my sister is still living overseas, it's my turn to cook Christmas Eve dinner and celebrate our tiny family coming together. This time of year will always be important and make me think of family and home. I feel if family doesn't come together for Christmas something isn't flowing right. For me it's never held religious importance, it's just a nice time to appreciate each other and wrap up the year.

What's your favourite thing about Christmas? 
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